New Cambridge Global English

New Series:

  • A clear and consistent approach and activities to support differentiation help you ensure that every child can learn and progress.
  • More guidance and features to support assessment for learning, so you know your learners' strengths and weaknesses and can tailor teaching and learning activities around them.

How to use this series:

The Learner’s Book is designed for students to use in class with guidance from the teacher. It offers full coverage of the curriculum framework. The cross-curricular content supports success across the curriculum, with an international outlook. There is a focus on critical thinking, reading and writing skills with a literature section in every unit and a scaffolded approach the development of written skills, with model texts. End of unit projects provide opportunities for formative assessment and differentiation so that you can support each individual learners’ needs.

Audio is available online. Answers and audio can also be found in the Teacher’s Resource. Video can be accessed via the Digital Classroom.

Digital Access with all the material from the book in digital form, is available via Cambridge GO.
In the full colour, print Teacher’s Resource you’ll find everything you need to deliver the course, including teaching ideas, answers and differentiation and formative assessment support. Each Teacher’s Resource includes
  • A print book with detailed teaching notes for each topic
  • Digital access with all the material from the book in digital form plus editable unit and progress tests, differentiated worksheets and communicative games
The write-in Workbook offers opportunities to help students consolidate what they have learned in the Learner’s Book and is ideal for use in class or as homework. It provides grammar presentations and plenty of differentiated grammar practice at three tiers so that learners have choice and can support or extend their learning, as required. Activities based on Cambridge Learner Corpus data give unique insight into common errors made by learners

Answers can be found in the Teacher's Resource.

Digital Access with all the material from the book in digital form, is available via Cambridge GO.

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