Thailand’s Education Leader Symposium 2017

Concept  :  Knowledge Integration for Enhancing Education Innovations


Hosted by  :  Aksorn Education Public Company Limited


Co-Hosted by  :  Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University


Main Sponsors  :  The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited

                            :  C.A.S. Paper Co., Ltd

                             Thai Paper Co., Ltd. (SCG)

                            :  Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)


Venue  :  Grand Diamond Ballroom, IMPACT Forum, Muangthong Thani, Nonthaburi, Thailand

Date  :  November, Thursday 30th, 2017


Background and Significance :

Presently, teaching and learning approaches are based on the 21st Century Skills framework which focuses on innovative and critical thinking. Education leaders must be able to integrate knowledge, develop curricula and apply education innovations as well as new media to raise the educational standards and to make substantial changes to better serve the ever-changing social conditions.

In Thailand’s education, there are considerable efforts to bring in more and more education innovations such as various curricular changes and the use of ICT to enhance learning experiences. They can help support human development in line with the global market trends and to make possible the competitiveness with other countries.

“Thailand’s Education Leader Symposium 2017” under the concept “Knowledge Integration for Enhancing Education Innovations” is honored to receive a number of local and international education experts with educational management and skills for integrating knowledge to create education innovations. The education leaders will not only be able to comprehend trends and directions of innovation in teaching and learning in the future, but also apply the knowledge gained in their school’s context.



  1. To support exchange of experience in knowledge integration for enhancing education innovations
  2. To learn and adapt the school management guidelines to develop their institutes to become an innovative schools effectively
  3. To strengthen the networks and collaboration on education for sustainable development of education leaders in Thailand


Expected Results:

  1. Education leaders are more confident, aware of their roles, and able to guide ways to engage their students, enhance the classroom experiences, and encourage their staff to create innovative approaches.
  2. Educational leaders can apply the management guidelines to utilize management plan and manage their schools to become an innovative school effectively.
  3. Education leaders can build a strong network in a collaborative system which is an important force in education development in a creative manner.


Key Contents:

  1. Asia-Pacific Human Capital Trends 2018
  2. Learning from Research Review
  3. Shape the Future for Thailand Education 4.0
  4. Knowledge Integration for Enhancing Education Innovations
  5. Priorities of Teacher Development
  6. Strengthen the Education Base for the Best Outcomes in the Age of Innovation
  7. Innovative School Management: The Successful Experiences and Case Studies in Asia-Pacific

Seminar Formats:

  1. Presenting visions
  2. Lecturing
  3. Panel discussions
  4. Case studies and success stories

Target Audience:

  1. Directors and principals from schools
  2. Presidents, vice presidents, deans, and associate deans from colleges and universities
  3. Owners of private and international schools
  4. Educational leaders and senior officials from the Ministry of Education

Total number of participants: 1,000

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Budget Source:

Aksorn Education Public Company Limited



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Thai and English (simultaneous interpretation will be provided)


Brief Background of the Hosts:

Aksorn Education Public Company Limited is one of the largest K-12 education companies in Thailand and South East Asia.

Aksorn’s mission is to make a large scale impact by creating classrooms where educators are learning coaches and students work together to arrive at core knowledge while developing necessary working skills.

Aksorn offers a variety of educational products and services serving the growing needs of schools, educators, and students across Thailand. Its learning and teaching solutions include school textbooks, library books, general education books, digital learning solutions, education toys, and learning manipulatives as well as professional development programs for educators.

Annually, Aksorn holds almost 400 events around the country to inspire and train more than 70,000 educators on topics such as teaching pedagogy, teaching techniques, making learning interventions, subject knowledge, and career development. Every year, Aksorn gives out millions of copies of teaching guides to educators around Thailand.  Aksorn’s teaching guides provide inspirations, pedagogical ideas, thinking questions as well as suggested teaching interventions for educators to apply to their students and classrooms.

The Faculty of Education was established in 1957 as the seventh faculty of Chulalongkorn University. Originally known as the Department of Teacher Training, the Faculty of Education was under the administration of the Faculty of Arts and Science, which was one of the first four faculties of Chulalongkorn University. In 1943, when the Faculties of Arts and Science were separated, the name ‘Teacher Training’ was changed to ‘Education’ and attached to the Faculty of Arts, subsequently named the “Faculty of Arts and Education”. It was not until 1957 that the Faculty of Education became independent. It started off with four departments, gradually increasing to a total of twelve departments and two demonstration schools.

The Faculty of Education takes pride in the strength of the programs that it offers. This results from the expertise of faculty members and their ongoing research. The program’s graduates have found work in both the public and private sectors in and outside of the country. They have gone to work at public and private universities, non-profit organizations, and various governmental ministries. Faculty and students have won numerous distinguished awards, and they have been recognized for their contributions to current educational reform.